Passover – 2021 / 5781

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While we could not have guessed we’d celebrate another Passover during the pandemic, we’re planning to do just that…Celebrate! Each TIS member household will receive a mailing with information for the holiday that will contain some information that will be useful in preparing for Passover. We have many opportunities for learning, preparing, interacting, celebrating and more! Let’s get started….

A Little About the Most Widely Celebrated Jewish Holiday – Passover

Passover is celebrated in the spring during the Hebrew month of Nissan (15th – 22nd) which corresponds this year to sundown on Saturday, March 27th – sundown on Sunday, April 4th. In Hebrew, the holiday is called Pesach which means “to pass over”. Often referred to as “The Festival of Freedom” Passover remembers and celebrates the Israelites liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt. During the holiday, Jews avoid consuming foods and products that contain leaven. Time is spent preparing the house, removing chametz (items containing leavening), cleaning and preparing. A real Spring cleaning.

This is the bread of affliction which our ancestors ate in the land of Egypt. Let those who are hungry come in and partake. Let all who are in need come and celebrate the Passover.” These words will be shared at tables throughout the world during the upcoming celebration. During the Seder meals (which occur on the first two nights of the holiday), the story of the Exodus is retold and a variety of traditions are observed. Family is central to Passover because traditionally around a meal at home. Originally meant as a directive to feed the poor, this has evolved into a lovely tradition of inviting people – often complete strangers, who would otherwise be alone – to our Seders.

It’s also encouraged for friends to get together (even on Zoom!) and create a Seder experience that meets their needs. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy. Be creative! What is important is the gathering and retelling of the Exodus.

We’ve come up with a variety of ways to help you prepare for the holiday and we’d also love to hear from you. Send us your Passover recipes, tips, etc. But, most importantly, enjoy the holiday!

What Can We, and Can’t We, Eat? (Kosher for Passover) and Selling Chametz

Ready for Passover Yet?Preparing Our Homes

It can be a big job but, we’ve faced greater challenges and we’re up for the task. And, let’s be honest, it’s time to your spring cleaning! This year’s Passover Kashrut guide is available here. More information may be found in an additional resource from the Rabbinical Assembly.

To Kitniyot or Not to Kitniyot?

Several years ago, Rabbi Rosenthal (z”l) shared with us  “A Rabbinical Assembly Teshuvah Permitting Ashkenazim to Eat Kitniyot on the holiday. The information can be found here.

Selling Your Chametz

Click here to sell your chametz.

Why slave? Get your food ready-made!

OC Kosher delivers weekly to San Diego, alternating between two different delivery locations. They’re more than ready to fulfill your order for a fully stocked Seder Plate, your Seder meal, and any other holiday cuisine you desire. Click here to visit their site or call 714 838-3108 to get your order started!

Preparations and Programs

Monday, March 15th, 7:00 p.m.


Join us “in the kitchen” for a night of Passover cooking with Ross Klareich, Seth Krosner, and Judy Rosenthal. This will give you plenty of time to plan and enhance your holiday meals. Click here to learn more.

Sunday, March 21st, 7:00 p.m.

Passover Haggadah: Art and Interpretation

Rabbi Dorsch will guide an exploration of visually stunning ways that traditional Passover text has been interpreted. This gathering will help you envision a different approach to looking at each Passover Haggadah and appreciate its uniqueness. More details are a click away.

The Great Chametz Hunt! 7:00 p.m.

Everyone is invited to join us as chametz detectives! In addition to finding the chametz in your home, you’ll be able to participate in our holiday trivia. Whether a team of one or ten, come and enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Click here to learn more, register, and start earning team points!

Rituals, Celebrations, and Services

Thursday, March 25th

Siyum Bechorot – Fast of the First Born 8:30 (in lieu of Daf Yomi)

Everyone is encouraged to join us for this engaging study opportunity as we prepare for the holiday. Click here for more information and to access the Zoom link.

Bedikat Chametz – Searching for Chametz

The act of searching for Chametz helps up prepare ourselves, and our homes, for the Passover Holiday. More information may be found by clicking here. Want to join the Great Chametz Hunt? Click here to learn more and register!

Friday, March 26th

Bi’ur Chametz – Collection 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. and Burning of Chametz 9:45 a.m.

Whether you’re giving your chametz to Rabbi Dorsch or burning them on your own, learn how you can join us and stream the experience together.

Candle Lightings and Passover Services

Throughout Passover there will be many opportunities to gather for services and share the joy of the holiday. Click here for a complete listing of Passover candle lighting times and services.

Two Seder Opportunities

We know that everyone has different needs and we’ve got something for everyone!

45 Minutes through a Virtual Desert: A Family Friendly Seder 5:00 p.m.

A brief, family friendly, and engaging Seder perfect for those with young children. Get ready for some fun with Rabbi Dorsch and Cantor Leberman. Click here to learn more.

Traditional Congregational Seder 6:00 p.m.

Together we’ll celebrate the second night of Passover with Rabbi Dorsch and Cantor Leberman leading this Seder. The evening will offer a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. We invite everyone to join us and enjoy this Seder experience with our congregational family and friends. Click here to learn more and be sure to register.


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