Passover – 4/8-4/16


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Passover is celebrated in the spring during the Hebrew month of Nissan (15th – 22nd) which corresponds this year to sundown on Wednesday, April 8 – sundown on Thursday, April 16th. In Hebrew, the holiday is called Pesach which means “to pass over”. Often referred to as “The Festival of Freedom” Passover remembers and celebrates the Israelites liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt. During the holiday, Jews avoid consuming foods and products that contain leaven. During the Seder meals (which occur on the first two nights of the holiday), the story of the Exodus is retold and a variety of traditions are observed.

In addition to holiday services, Passover is very much a home-based holiday. The Passover Seder is usually a time for family and friends to gather. Time is spent preparing the house, removing chametz (items containing leavening), cleaning and preparing. A real Spring cleaning.

We’ve come up with a variety of ways to help you prepare for the holiday and we’d also love to hear from you. Send us your Passover recipes, tips, etc. But, most importantly, enjoy the holiday!

When is Passover, the Seders, services, candle lightings and more?

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Our Passover Tips and Resources        

Not sure where to start? No problem. Making your first Seder or looking for new ideas? We’ve got something for that. Which Haggadah will you use? We can help. Cooking? We’re here for you.

Visit this page for a variety of ideas to enhance your holiday.



What Can We Eat?

This year’s Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide can be accessed by clicking here.

To Kitniyot or Not to Kitniyot?

Several years ago, Rabbi Rosenthal (z”l) shared with us the A Rabbinical Assembly Teshuvah Permitting Ashkenazim to Eat Kitniyot on the holiday. The information can be found here.


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