Nakh & Nosh – 10/13

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Rabbi Marko invites you to join him to explore texts and discover the ways in which they speaks to our lives today. Don't forget to pack your lunch!

Thursday, October 13th...
Lunch and Learn???  How about Nakh and Nosh?

The Hebrew Bible is known among Jews by the acronym TaNaKh. This stands for Torah (the 5 Books of Moses), Nivi’im (the Prophets), and Ketuvim (the writings).

Jews put so much emphasis on Torah, reading it in its entirety on an annual or triennial cycle, but other than the corresponding selections known as Haftara, we often focus far less the rest of this Eternal Book of Books.

So for Lunch and Learn, let’s instead think Nakh and Nosh.

We’ll pick up right where Torah leaves off with the death of Moshe, and Joshua about to lead the Children of Israel across the Jordan and into the Promised Land.

Nakh is filled with intrigue, war, sex, adventure, political machinations, Jewish history, timelines, genealogy, and of course, universal wisdom.

NO KNOWLEDGE OF HEBREW NECESSARY. In fact, everyone at all levels can join in as we explore these incredible texts. And you can jump on or off at any time you’d like.

All you need is a copy of a Bible (it doesn’t matter which translation you have), a bit of curiosity, and a desire to learn. You can also simply follow along with an online text such as can be found at
See you there.

Rabbi Marko wants to hear from you

We also want your opinions. Toward the end of the hour, Rabbi Marko will be asking all of you what YOU want to learn. Where do we go from here? Talmud? Mishnah? Nach? History? Literature? Your input would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email Rabbi Marko and share your thoughts.

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  • Thursday, October 27th
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