Mishloach Manot

Ordering Closes on  Wednesday, March 9th

Tifereth Israel Synagogue is thrilled to announce that our Youth Department will once again be making Mishloach Manot (Purim gifts) for the entire congregation! Every member family of our congregation will receive one Mishloach Manot basket assembled by the Youth Department. Enclosed will be a letter with every member of the congregation that contributed to your basket.

Using our online ordering, Mishloach Manot has never been easier!

Here’s how it works:

  • For just $5.00 per recipient you can participate in the sending of a Mishloach Manot basket to anyone on our membership list.
  • For $180 you can send to the entire congregation.
  • All member families will receive ONE basket with a list of those who have sent them Mishloach Manot.

You also have the opportunity to reciprocate.

If you select this option at the top of the “My Mishloach Manot” page, anyone sending you the Purim package whom you did not originally check on your list, will be added to your order.  You will receive a second charge on your credit card of $5.00 x the number of applicable reciprocal orders, calculated after the deadline. The maximum total expense is $180 (including initial purchase). We will send you an email receipt for this charge. We cannot process reciprocals only.

Please note, those that purchase for the entire congregation will be included in your count for the final reciprocity total.


Credit Card Payments will be processed by HappyPurim.com. All other aspects of the fundraiser are being run by our Youth Department.  Please be assured that even though we are working with Happypurim.com your address and other personal information will not be shared with any other entity.

What is included?

Edible items in mishloach manot will be kosher dairy (or pareve).

  • 3 hamantaschen in exclusive flavors for this year’s mishloach manot (you won’t be able to buy them from our hamantaschen fundraiser!)
  • Grogger fitting our theme
  • Abbreviated Megillah Scroll
  • Magic Tea Flower
  • Fresh fruit, teas, treats and more!

You should have received an email with your personal PIN, however if you did not, please email Michelle. This PIN can be used to order on the Happy Purim website. Just go to The Happy Purim website and enter your code. You will need this PIN any time you log in or update your account. Once online you can choose who you would like to send Mishloach Manot to and pay with Visa or MasterCard. There is also an option to pay by check either by mail or your ACH on file.

Profits from this effort will go to the Tifereth Israel Synagogue Youth Fund that supports social action, tikkun olam, travel, curriculum and countless other projects and programs for the youth of Tifereth Israel.

For questions about online ordering, please email Michelle Barbour or call her at 619-697-6001, ext. 109, and leave a message.

How can I help?

Join us for distribution:

  • March 13th, Sunday, 12:00 (noon) to 2:30 p.m.
  • March 15th, Tuesday, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
  • March 16th, Wednesday, 10:00-12:00 (noon)

(Torah school families can pick up during normal noon pick up)

We will need all hands on deck to help hand out all our festive fundraising items in our drive through pick up. Plus, it’s Purim so costumes and energy are a plus!

If you are simply picking up, we ask that you sign up here to ensure we are ready for you!


While we will have drive through pick up times for those who are able, we do have members of our congregation who are unable to leave their homes. If you are able to deliver a basket or two, please email Michelle.

Thank you so much and Happy Purim!

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