Apricot | Lemon | Poppy

Prune | Cherry | Chocolate Bavarian Cream | Blackberry (with seeds)

Abraham Ratner Torah School is offering delicious Hamantaschen to enjoy on your own, or to share with family and friends.

$15 per dozen or 3+ dozen $12 each and mixed dozens are available with a minimum order of 3 dozen.


Orders are must be placed by Sunday, February 14th.

Hamantaschen are Kosher, Dairy and baked by Michelle Barbour and under the supervision of Rabbi Josh Dorsch. He is also our quality control expert!

Orders may be picked up during your assigned appointment between February 21st– 25th.

Orders not picked up by the conclusion of Purim events will be donated.

All monies raised from the sales will support our Torah School Special Events Funds. This fund covers a variety of activities in the schools including enrichment programs, special guests, class projects, technology, field trips, and more for our children.

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