Embracing One of Our Own

Hazel Angeles Alatorre is the infant daughter of Nubbia Alatorre, who is part of our maintenance staff at TIS.

Hazel was born five months ago with a congenital heart defect known as DORV (Double Outlet Right Ventricle) in addition to a few other congenital heart defects.  Hazel has had three cardiac catheterizations and recently underwent her first of what could be two open heart surgeries.  She will be having more cardiac catheterizations, be on medications, and more throughout her life. Currently Hazel is being well taken care of by an outstanding team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, and medical professionals at Rady Children’s Hospital.

As a staff member of TIS, Nubbia has experienced the love and support of our members.  We sometimes wonder what we would do without her and the other staff members who make up this hard working team.  Nubbia worked at TIS throughout her pregnancy and we all hoped and prayed that Hazel would be born healthier than was suspected.

Nubbia continues to work, but she is always on call from the hospital when things are not going well. While it is hard to imagine how difficult it must be for her to come to work when there are more important things in her life, the reality is she must work to ensure the most basics elements of her own well being like rent and food. She asks for nothing – Just Prayers – for Hazel, her baby.

Let’s join together and help Nubbia during this difficult time in her life by alleviating the troubling thoughts of how she will meet her most basic needs!

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