Current COVID Protocols

Dear Tifereth Israel Family and Friends,

The COVID 19 situation is dynamic and we will continue to respond accordingly as things change. Recently, cases of COVID-19 have increased, but it is clear that the rates of hospitalization and death are not increasing significantly. We are grateful for this.

As always, please stay home if you or a close contact is currently sick. We continue to provide virtual opportunities for all to connect with our congregation.

Based on current data, and upon the recommendation of the Medical Committee, the Board of Directors has voted to make the following changes to our Covid mitigation strategies, effective June 1st.

  • For Large Indoor Synagogue events (defined as an expected gathering of 50 or more where a communal meal is served), those who are not vaccinated and boosted will have the option of providing proof of a negative PCR Covid test within the previous 48 hours, or proof of a negative rapid test (not a home test) within the past 24 hours. For those not able to do either of the tests or forget their cards, we will have rapid tests available at the gate. Unvaccinated guests will be required to wear a mask indoors. Outdoor eating arrangements will be available at all such events. This change in policy applies to bar mitzvahs, other kiddush lunches, Shabbat dinners, etc. it is not meant to apply to ordinary weekly Shabbat services or meetings.
  • In the Preschool, masks are strongly recommended but optional for all activities (indoor and outdoor).

The following policies that are already in place will remain:

  • Vaccinations are required for in person services, meetings and events in the synagogue for those ages 12 years and above. Please email a copy of your immunization card to the office.
  • Booster shots are required for those who are eligible for the booster for ages 16 years and above. People are eligible 5 months after the initial vaccination. Please email an updated copy of your immunization card to the office.
  • If you have not sent in your proof of vaccination, or you need to update your information, please email a copy of your vaccination card to the office.
  • Masks are strongly recommended but are optional for indoor activities.
  • Masks are not required for outdoor activities.

Not everyone will agree with all of the policy changes – some want less restrictions and some do not want to see a loosening of restrictions. We have a team of experts who are on the front lines who have reviewed the recommendations from the CDC and San Diego County Health Department guiding us on how we balance safety with community. Our Jewish values encourage us to recognize the diverse needs of our community and reserve judgment for those who respond to situations differently.

Let us always remember to be kind and considerate to others as we navigate transitions in and around our community.

While we will remain vigilant and prepared should we need to shift course again, we are grateful for your patience and cooperation throughout this time.

We have immense gratitude for the members of the Medical Committee and the Board of Directors and thank them for their diligent work on behalf of the congregation.

Debbie Mishek

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