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Purim is a busy and joyous time around our schools and congregation. Everyone is invited to share in the merriment, and we hope you will. Purim celebrations begin at sundown on Monday, March 9th. There are four mitzvot associated with the holiday:

    • Megillah Reading – Book of Esther – The Megillah is read twice, in full, on Purim, once at night on Thursday, February 25th following our Purimshpiel, and again during the the day on Friday, February 26th during an earlier than usual morning Minyan at 7:00 a.m.
    • Purimshpiel – Just because we can’t gather, doesn’t mean we can’t get together! Join us at 6:15 p.m., Thursday, February 25th for this annual treat.
    • Mishloach Manot / Shalach Manos – Sending Gifts – Every Jew is obligated to give at least one Mishloach Manot gift containing at least two different types of ready-to-eat food items. This is a wonderful opportunity to remember family and friends. Support our USY fundraising and order yours here.
    • Hamantaschen Make your own or order some here and support our Abraham Ratner Torah School fundraising.
    • Matanot La’evyonim – Gifts to the Poor – Giving to the poor is a mitzvah all year round. However, the mitzvah to do so on Purim is in addition to the general mitzvah of tzedakah (charity).


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