Sisterhood Membership

Sisterhood Membership

Roz Allina and Judy Shear
Membership Vice Presidents


Sisterhood offers a variety of activities where you will meet other Jewish women and men who share YOUR interests and values. Join us as we celebrate holidays and life cycle events. Add your voice to issues impacting your family and community. Make lasting friendships, enrich your life, learn new skills, and help others in the process.

Pillars of Sisterhood

  • $1,000: Daughters of Israel Includes recognition at Sisterhood events and two (2) discount dining cards
  • $500: Sarah Includes recognition at Sisterhood events and one (1) discount dining card
  • $250: Rebecca Includes a $10 gift certificate to Traditions Gift Shop
  • $100: Rachel Includes a $5 gift certificate to Traditions gift shop
  • $36: Leah (Basic annual membership dues)

All Sisterhood members receive:

  • Discounted Tikkun Olam Club membership (including Passport Dining card).
  • Reduced charges for Sisterhood programs.
  • Discounts for booking Kiddush Katerer events.

New members receive a one-time 10% Traditions Gift Shop discount (limitations apply).

To pay for your membership online with a credit card, click here.

To download a printable Tifereth Israel Sisterhood Membership application, click here.

For more information about Sisterhood Membership, call the synagogue office at 619 697-6001 and leave a message for the Sisterhood Membership Vice President, or email .

Sisterhood Board 2022-23

President - Presidium of previous Presidents
Exec. VP - Ann Kavy
VP Membership - Rosalyn Allina/Judy Shear
VP Program - Olga Worm
VP Development - OPEN
Corresponding Secretary - Carolyn Melman
Financial Secretary - Rochelle Rubinstein
Recording Secretry - Cailin Acosta
Treasurer - Judy Stern
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Liaison - Sue Cherlin
Candy Sales - Ella Cashuk
Circle - Annette Feigenbaum/Danielle Towne
Count Your Blessings - Charlotte Freifeld
Culinary Arts - Rory Goldberg
D’Var Torah-  OPEN
Gift Cards - Rachel Levens
Gourmet Shabbat Dinners - Judi Gottschalk
Historian - Judy Morgenstern
Jewish Family Living - Shelley Abramson
Kiddush Katerers - Barbara Sperling/Judy Stern/Anne Heller
Mitzvah - OPEN
Parliamentarian - Judy Gumbiner
Preschool Liaison - Sharlene Berman
Publicity - Cailin Acosta
Reservations - Judy Morgenstern
Sisterhood Shabbat - Shayna Kaufmann
Social Action-  Anne Heller
Tikkun Olam - Ruth Romanoff
Torah Fund - Pam Stern
Torah School Liaison - Lili Feingold
Traditions Gift Shop-  Judy Stern
Tributes - Elana Schiff

Directors at Large:
Anita Blutinger
Diane Edwards
Arlene Linsk
Merle Lonstein
Anna Rincon
Isabel Schechter
Marilyn Singer


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