Sisterhood Fundraising

Dear Friends of Tifereth Israel Sisterhood,

A blessing joke:

I saw a Rabbi blessing food while golfing.
I mentioned that it was strange, but he told me it was parve for the course.

But on a serious note…

As we start to emerge from the difficult last two years, we have many reasons to count our blessings.

I, for one, am thankful to all the men and women who work at hospitals and clinics to care for us when we’re not well. They are all a blessing to me.

The Count Your Blessings campaign is one of Sisterhoods biggest fundraisers.

We hope you will find blessings below that speak to you personally, but feel free to write your own and make donations based on the value of those blessings.

Charlotte Freifeld
Sisterhood Count Your Blessings Chair

Count Your Blessings

Suggested Donation Amounts

  • I count my gains instead of my losses. $5.00
  • I count my joys instead of my woes. $5.00
  • I count my health instead of my wealth. $5.00
  • I count my smiles, not tears; I count my age by friends, not years. $5.00
  • Each day comes bearing its own gifts -- I love to untie the ribbons. $5.00
  • I strive to be happy. Unlike income, happiness is tax free. $5.00
  • Life is a journey, so I have learned to wear comfortable shoes. $5.00
  • I am fortunate that Tifereth Israel Sisterhood and Synagogue offer our members and friends so many opportunities for all stages of life. $5.00
  • My outlook is “the best is yet to come!” $5.00
  • I am glad that some of my clothes are still fashionable or still fit! $5.00
  • I am grateful for the people I love. $5.00
  • I found a wrinkle and I am proud. It just adds character. $5.00
  • I am grateful for my doctor’s care, my lawyer’s advice, and my Rabbi’s blessing. $5.00
  • I get such nachas from children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren! $5.00
  • Sisterhood and our Synagogue have helped me stay connected over the last two years. $5.00
  • I have been to Israel and can’t wait to go again. $5.00
  • I am blessed to live in the USA and am grateful for those who sacrifice for it. $5.00
  • I live in San Diego - what a beautiful life I lead in a glorious city. $5.00
  • I have been blessed to experience love in my life. $5.00
  • I have celebrated many simchas (joyous occasions) in my life. $5.00
  • I am lucky to have friends to share my life with. $5.00
  • I am grateful for the help that I have given or gotten the last two years. $5.00
  • I choose to look for the ‘Silver Linings.’ $5.00
  • I have connected with family or friends from far away while staying at home. $5.00
  • Fill in your own personal blessing(s): $25.00

Suggested totals of gratitude:

$25.00 | $50.00 | $100.00 | $250.00 | $1000.00
Donations in any amount

Please “Count Your Blessings” and click here to make your donation to Tifereth Israel Sisterhood to give thanks for all you have.

Thank you!

Help Support Sisterhood by Purchasing Through J Commerce!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with J Commerce! By doing all your Judaica, gift and wine shopping with them, you can help us earn the funds needed to continue to support the synagogue.

There are three places to shop:

Sisterhood will earn between 5 and 30% commission. On any of the sites, scroll down to "Gives Back Program" and type in "Tifereth Israel Sisterhood", then click "Shop and Support." Our code, if you need it, is 4667093. offers free shipping for a case (12 bottles). Why not split a case with friends? Cases can be mixed. Go online and take a look!

To join their mailing list and have promotions sent to your inbox, enter your email address in the "Get Exclusive Offers" area at the bottom of their webpage.

There are many upcoming promotions and amazing discounts you will not want to miss out on!

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Gift Card Sales

Planning a summer vacation? Shopping at Home Depot for spring projects? Buying groceries or anything else on Amazon? Whether you shop online, by phone, in person, use pick up or delivery, please help Sisterhood support our synagogue and its programs.

Order your gift cards today by using the new APP, ordering online, or emailing Sisterhood.

Click here to learn more about the “RaiseRight Fundraising” APP. Download it from The App Store or Google Play Store. Our Organization code is D43E476B18L85.

PLASTIC cards: Don't worry... we still have some in stock! For the current inventory of plastic cards, check the weekly Sisterhood E-newsletter. Click here to order your PLASTIC gift cards today. Use the comment section to enter special requests or delivery instructions.

Click here for any questions.

Tikkun Olam Club

Help Us Repair the Community

The purpose of the Tikkun Olam Club is to bring together adults within our community who share an interest in “repairing the world.” Throughout the year, Sisterhood participates in projects that seek to remedy and address various needs within the community. Hunger is a priority need. Through the Tikkun Olam Club program, we hope to build interfaith participation in addressing vital community needs.

Tikkun Olam Club members receive a package of benefits including:

  • Invitations to participate in community events and Sisterhood social action projects.
  • A Passport Unlimited Dining Card dining card during your membership year, good for 2 for 2:1 entrees at hundreds of fine dining establishments throughout San Diego, in many U.S. cities and in Canada. Enjoy dining, shopping and traveling with your new card.
  • Other special benefits that may be available during the year.

A Tikkun Olam membership alone does not carry the rights and privileges that come with a traditional Sisterhood membership, unless it is purchased along with or in addition to a regular membership package.

Register for Tikkun Olam Club membership online. To download a Tikkun Olam Club membership form, click here.

For more information about the Tikkun Olam Club, email us at .

Sisterhood tributes are a great way to show appreciation for a friend or loved one and support Sisterhood at the same time. Remember to send Sisterhood tributes for all of your simchas or memorials.

For the nominal minimum donation of $10, Anita Blutinger will be happy to send your tribute card for you. Contact Anita at . You also have the option of sending and paying for your tribute online.

You may also download our Sisterhood Tributes Form. Please mail your complete form and check to: Tifereth Israel Sisterhood Tributes, 6660 Cowles Mountain Boulevard, San Diego, California 92119.

If you would like to make a donation to Sisterhood without sending a tribute card, please click here.

Traditions, the Sisterhood Gift Shop at Tifereth Israel SynagogueTraditions shop hours are currently by appointment only. Click here to set up your appointment. You can shop 24/7 at our online gift shop. Click here to start shopping. Check out special offers and discounts on Judaica, gifts from Israel and Jewish books and toys for kids.

Candy Sales

We are temporarily out of stock and are uncertain when we will be receiving more. Check back here for updated information, or email Sisterhood if you have questions regarding candy sales.

Don't miss out! Stay up to date with the latest happenings at our synagogue.

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