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                                                   “Service to the Synagogue and Camaraderie”

The Men’s Club’s slogan of “Service to the Synagogue and Camaraderie” encapsulates the kind of programming that occurs throughout the year. If you are not already a member of the Men’s Club, we heartily invite you to join our fellowship. Men and women may become members. Simply email Men’s Club and we will get in touch with you to answer all your questions. In the meantime, here’s some information we hope will be useful.


Keeping our two goals in mind, we try to program events appealing to the many interests of the men of Tifereth Israel Synagogue. Most of our events are open to anyone at Tifereth Israel. A look at our Upcoming Events should exemplify the kinds of activities in which we are now engaged. We are always interested in other ideas as well, so please know that your input will be welcome. Below you’ll find a brief overview of upcoming events.

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Structure and Current Officers

We have an Executive Committee guiding the club. Its members and their positions are:

President: Phil Lorang
Vice President: Norm Katz
Secretary: Bill Friedel
Treasurer: Ben Dishman
Immediate Past President: Bill Sperling
Chair, Religious Affairs Committee: David Schlickman
Director: Mel Goldberg
Alan Goldenberg
Director: Julius Katz
Director: Steve Mishek
Director: Bram Rubinstein
Director: Jay Shirley

Additional people can be added to the Board at any time during the year. Your participation on the Board, on a committee, or on the team for a single event is a good way to make new friends or deepen current friendships at TIS. Send us an email and we'll be in touch.

Annual Dues

TISMC dues are $36 for fiscal year 2021-2022. Click here to pay.

Brick Garden

Men's Club has a Brick Garden. Read all about it here.

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